Staff Software Engineer at

Task details
Posted on pro. 27., 2021
Accepting applications
365 days
$150000.00 per year
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Software Dev, Data & Web - Other

Who you are

  • Extremely Technical - you are capable of making meaningful contributions at all points in the product development cycle. PoCs, architecture, scalability, owning customer conversations, and providing deep technical assistance are all well within your wheelhouse.
  • Quantitative & analytical - strong aptitude for problem-solving and continuous process improvement.
  • Adaptable - this is, by nature, a rapidly evolving role, you affect change and drive results in chaotic and unstructured environments.
  • Discerning - Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with a high degree of professionalism and discretion.
  • Low ego - no task is too small to deserve your full effort and enthusiasm.
  • Extraordinary communicator - you possess the ability to synthesize complex concepts explaining them simply and accurately.

Why we want to meet you

  • You might have been a technical founder or you are extremely passionate about building new products.
  • Extremely strong Computer Science and Computer Engineering background.
  • 4+ years of experience working in a high-growth startup environment.
  • You are confident communicating with enterprise customers.
  • You have in-depth experience and knowledge of Audio/Video streaming systems, media technologies and VoIP systems.
  • You have experience building and scaling complex, latency-sensitive applications with high reliability and resiliency.
  • You have experience working in AI/ML.
  • You think strategically from a technical perspective, you design and implement scalable and future-proof architectures.
  • You understand the fundamentals of product management and product-centric technology development.
  • High level of attention to details and impeccable organization skills.
  • Context switching comes naturally to you. Navigating between high-level strategic conversations and getting deep in the weeds to drive progress deserve equal attention
  • You have a degree in computer science and/or engineering or a similar field**

Your Tech Stack

  • Learning and applying a new technology stack comes quickly
  • 6+ years of active technology leadership, architecture and development experience.
  • You have experience and deep knowledge of most of these major technology stacks
  • JavaScript/TypeScript (NodeJS, Browser/Web), Python, Java - Spring
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform/Ansible
  • Frameworks for operability and observability of distributed HA systems in production - CI/CD, Monitoring, Tracing, Alerting, Profiling
  • ML/DL/RL frameworks - Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch etc.
  • Various scripting languages - Shell must have
  • In-depth understanding of operating systems in general with a specific focus on Linux
  • A very strong understanding of resiliency engineering
  • Good to know technology stacks -
  • Programming Languages - C/C++, Rust, GoLang, Lua, PHP, Ruby

What you’ll do:

  • The ultimate goal of your role is to help extend and leverage the function of the CTO and drive technology innovation across the organization.
  • Triage requests and problems on behalf of a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders
  • Serve as a collaborator and confidant to the CTO.
  • Work with customers to execute PoCs and collaborate with stakeholders.
  • Work with the product team to take innovations to product ideas and help them get them to market.

Metrics you’ll move

  • You will be directly responsible for assisting the CTO in achieving all KPIs **


What we do

  • We enable builders to quickly and easily deploy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Conversation Intelligence (Conversation AI) enables computers to understand, process, and respond to natural, everyday human conversations. We provide deep tech AI/ML developer tools. Our proprietary patented contextual understanding engine powers real-time and post communication innovations in developer products.
  • We move fast, stay aligned, and prioritize connection and growth.

Why you want to meet us

  • We are solving the hardest problems of human conversation by building novel and deep tech AI/ML.
  • You will have the agency to solve difficult problems creatively, the freedom to explore work that inspires you, and the infrastructure to ensure you’re constantly developing.
  • Our culture creates a high-energy and supportive environment with a multitude of growth opportunities, the chance to make your mark, and a team of exceptional colleagues.

Start Date

  • Flexible for the right candidate

Location & hours

  • Our intentions for a post-pandemic world are to operate on a flexible hybrid model.
  • Considering the uncertain times we are in, there's geographical flexibility with the understanding that you will relocate to Seattle area when it makes sense.
  • You're trusted to determine how and when you do your best work.
  • You will work with passionate individuals from around the globe which regularly requires a flexible schedule.

Compensation, Perks, and Differentiators:

  • Healthcare
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Paid sick day & holidays
  • Continuing education
  • Equity and performance-based pay options
  • We’re actively innovating how we support our employees.

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