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Is an app that makes shopping more fun.
Login and data. One should be able to use install and use the app w/o an account or login.
Create an account in order to save all data to cloud and to get updates to list of web sites.
[Preferences (main menu, setting in current design). Choose age in order to choose theme colors. Choose personal style.]

Phone camera is accessed from inside the app for taking a photo that can be saved inside the app and then posted to chats.

One can take and save and post to chat photos taken by camera or as snapshot of a webpage. Other photos on the phone should be also accessible for easy posting to chats.

Chat is the main feature. One can make and save chats and access them later. It should have a title, participants, emojis, photo posting, unique color for each participant unless the number of participants is > 10 – then I’m not sure.
One can invite friends to the chat. One can post photos, make comments and like various posts.
Each chat can in theory have any number of participants, but we should be able to set a limit of say 50..

One can visit any website to find products and take a screenshot to save as a photo inside the app.
A list of pre-entered brand websites is showed by default. This list will be updated occasionally, and new sites added after the app is installed but an update can be on demand and not automatic.
New sites can be added and saved to the personal list for easy access any time from inside the app.

Invite friends to any chat on your list. Even to chats you didn’t start but are now part of. Invitation should be sent with SMS from the app. SMs should have a link to either download the app and/or join the chat.
Access friends from phone’s contact list or enter them by hand in the app and save them to app’s friends-list.

Start chat, join chat, invite to chat, post to chat, leave chat.
Take photo and save it, visit website and take a screenshot.

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