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This job is to record small phrases in the croatian language,

-This kind of job you don’t need to be an expert. The only thing you need to be able to read croatian language, .
- the purpose of this job is to record small phrases for google.
- you have 200 prompts to record it take about 22 minutes.

How is working
-you will be provided with a link
- chose the language country Croatia.

- you will have User identifier and you fill your age and gender.
- on the web site there is Mic button and when you click on it will change to red and phrase appeared to record.
- after you finish record click again on the mic to go to next prompts.

- - the job finished when a message saying @There is no more work in your session.
- screenshot message
- Apple product. Not supported.
- Native Croatian and Bosnian accepted

if you happy please contact me to get unique ID

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