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Hello wonderful web developers!


I'm looking for yet another rockstar full stack web developer who can help with regular projects. I want someone who can handle almost anything and prides themselves on being able to figure out tough problems and works well without a lot of direction.


This is for a junior position who will be working with and training under our existing staff.


I'm offering a monthly salary of $ 1,000 a month because I'm looking for the best!


Please don't apply if you don't have a very strong work ethic and the ability to deliver tasks quickly. We are a very collegial team with an interest in acting fast to get our tasks done.


We want a new member who fits into our team.


Some examples of tasks might include:

- Build this WordPress website from scratch (make sure it's lightning fast!)

- This WordPress website is showing an error, figure out what's wrong and fix it.

- Design a brochure based on this webpage

- Review this website and make a list of everything that needs to be improved

- I can't figure out why this site isn't working. Please troubleshoot.

- Please create an integration using FormStack, Zapier, and Asana that automates this process.

- Etc.


If you're interested, please respond with the following:

- A full list of your skills and capabilities (WordPress experience and graphic design are a MUST)

- What hours you're available (in Phoenix, Arizona timezone)

- Confirmation that the monthly rate of $1,000 works for you

- If you were an animal (other than a human), what animal would you be and why?

- What does this quote mean to you personally? "Work is love made visible" - Khalil Gibran


Make sure your message heading reads as follows: "I actually read the instructions" or you won't be considered.




Skills required:


• English

  - Speaking


• Webmaster

  - Wordpress


• Front end & back end technology




• Graphics & Multimedia

  -Graphics Editing

  - Web page Design


• Project Management

  - Design Project Management

  - Other Project Management


  • Programiranje i razvoj web aplikacija
  • Web dizajn i dizajn korisničkih sučelja
  • Administracija, održavanje sustava

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