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As an addition to my existing page at http://... need to build a functional multilingual webshop For bus/coach spare parts.


Platform is wordpress on which I have built the page myself. I want new design and webshop functionality but also to keep my existing pages in (croatian, english and italian) intact in means of text, addresses etc. - this are my landing pages!! - anny recommendation for better ranking is welcome.



Multilingual with possibility to add more languages on the go, wordpress plugin. Categories, product description, order number, tags, photo, categories photo etc,


Payment process:

We are 99% B2B, which means most of our customers own a business with valid EU tax (VAT) number and I need them to be able to select products from web shop and send order toward us


Currency: Euro and Kuna (Kn)


NO CC card or paypal gateway required, we need customers to be able to select products and in checkout area to be able to fulfill their company data and send us order (pdf or )doc along with contact details and note.


Please send Your proposal to my email info@eurobus.hr ,

It should contain:


Design proposal:

New original logo for company euro bus, original design of webshop and rest of page, keeping the content of existing pages intact. Design of original icons for bus parts categories.

Mention all or some of plugins You want to use and integrate in order to enhance our web page performance, ratings and design

Design price


Webshop proposal :

Plugins You want to use, their cost if anny. Time You need to finish from order.

Webshop integration price


Your company info:

Year founded? Number of employees? We know You all have rich portfolio but if You would need to present Your company with one single reference for parts webshop, which one would it be? - send link to existing webpage

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