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·         Setup the platform and infrastructure for a mobile payments solution

·         Development of Self Contained Systems (SpringBoot-App), (Frontend: Wicket) for mobile payments

·         Implementation for connected processes for Onboarding and Lifecycle (Pin-changing, Lost/Stolen, Re-Issue, Account               Deletion)


must have:

·         Development of JEE-app

·         Development of Frameworks: Spring(Boot), Wicket

·         Software architecture and agile –dev. incl. SCM (z.B. GIT), CI (for example Maven, Jenkins) and CD

·         Micro services architecture, Twelve-Factor-Apps, Test autom., Clean-Code–Principe + Domain-Driven-Design

·         Test tools ( FitNesse, Selenium, Jira)

·         Knowledge in databases (Oracle)

·         English fluent


Start: 01.11.2018    End: 30.09.2019

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