Wild garbage dump CLEANUP 2

Task details
Posted on Sep 6th, 2022
30 days
$500.00 per project
One Time
Skills Required
  • Project Management
  • Biology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscape Design
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Handyman

🌳Calling out to all the crypto & Eco enthusiasts


We are looking for people or companies that will clean up all or part of an illegal dump of their choice. The process should be photo-documented; before the clean-up, the process of loading the trash and unloading it at an official landfill. All photos should contain “Freelance.hr” inscription in them (on a piece of paper, hand, trash bag, or anything else), to ensure photos are original and relevant to this job.

The pay would be approximately 10-70 USD in stable cryptocurrency (Polygon-DAI) per cubic meter. Final pay depends on the accessibility of the landfill, location (eg a nature park is a bonus), amount and type of garbage, etc.

Upon completion of the work, payment is guaranteed through the platform’s escrow system.

Steps in detail:

1. Register on the platform as a freelancer. If you are already registered as an employer, click on the profile icon at the top right and click "Create freelancer profile"

2. Apply for this job

3. We will message you and agree on the details. If we agree on everything, we will "hire" you.

4. Clean up the wild garbage dump and photo-document 1) location before cleanup 2) loading the trash into bags or a car/truck 3) unloading it at an official landfill. To ensure the authenticity of the photos, each photo must contain the inscription "Freelance.hr" (on paper, on the bag in which you collected waste, on the ground,...The choice is yours.)

Payment after the job is done is guaranteed by the escrow system

❗ Important notice: The job is open worldwide, regardless of nationality. Before collecting waste, check the rules and restrictions of local legal landfills.

We are looking forward to your applications. :)


*NOTE - opening specifically for Idris Dangalan - cleanup + tree planting

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