Substrate Prodigy

Task details
Posted on Nov 18th, 2021
Accepting applications
$25.00 per hour (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Blockchain Development

We are actively looking to work with strongly proficient Substrate developers on a full-time basis. So long as you are highly motivated, able to learn fast, and adapt whenever needed, you will be a great addition to us. We are looking for people who are comfortable and passionate about the Polkadot space.  

We are at the bleeding edge of blockchain innovation; your contributions to this project could shape the industry in years to come. Anybody who comes to work with us will not only be programming, but they will have an active role in shaping and forming our architectural efforts. In other words, your work will be extremely important and will be a fantastic way to show to the wider Substrate community how accomplished and impressive your skillset is.  We are a small core team that is spread around the world, spanning 7 different time zones. In addition, we have two high-profile advisors, and have secured our seed round. If interested, please reach out and send resume+GitHub to: [email protected].



Research and initiate leading architectural efforts, along with incentive structures.

Work autonomously with clear ownership of tasks, whilst connecting with our small and collaborative team.

Great command of Substrate runtime development.

Test, implement, and audit protocol changes and updates.

Develop brand new Substrate pallets.

Work towards our parachain launch.

Work collaboratively on technical documentation.

Create documentation for technical work.

Take charge and get involved with technical ideas and brainstorming.

Ability to write high-quality, well-tested, and well-constructed code.



1.5+ years of experience with Substrate.

The ability to learn and pick up tools in this fast-paced blockchain industry. 

A good command of blockchain tech and crypto-economic practices.

High level of proficiency with Rust, paradigms, and constructs.

Experience working with XCM Protocol.


Preferred but not essential:

Parity technology stack knowledge, including clients and wallet such as Polkadotjs

Knowledge of Solidity, assembly, and EVM

DevOps experience



Remote working environment.

Flexible working hours/schedule.

So long as the work is getting done, and you can make it to our weekly team meeting, we do not care when you are working.

Casual work environment.

Equity in the form of our Anmol token

PTO without annual cap.

In the future, we will be offering employees additional equipment to help their work.

Long-term (indefinite) contract.

The diverse multicultural team spread around the globe, spanning 7 different time zones. We have employees from practically every continent. The only land masses we don’t have people on are: Africa, Australia, Arctic, and Antarctic. (If you are from the Arctic or Antarctic, please be sure to apply as we’d love to see penguins or puffins on our weekly calls!)


Hiring Process:

We are moving fast. If we like you, we’ll get back to you in a week (maximum). We are quick to integrate newcomers into our team.

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