Software Developer

Task details
Posted on Aug 29th, 2021
Accepting applications
$48000.00 per year (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Back-end Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Full Stack Development

The Required Skills are: UI Design Node JS GraphQL.
The Preferred Skills: AWS Serverless, MySQL, Java or Golang, Typescript.

5 Rounds of Interview:

Online Assessment 1, Phone screen, Online Assessment 2, 90 min interview, Last interview with IT manager.

JOB IS ENTIRELY REMOTE and if you are selected you'd be expected to work USA Timings.

The role is with my Customer who are into ‘Building and Construction’ in the Minnesota -  USA Region.


We are driven by a simple purpose: To create a better way to live. We do that through our mission to build and manage quality apartments. We want to be best in the world at what we do.

In that quest we realized we needed to develop our own technology to push the industry forward. Early on, technology became one of our 6 key business strategies. We have already seen great success and have been recognized as having some of the most technologically advanced apartments in our region. But we want to do so much more. That is why we need your help!

This role will work on back end development with some front end. We are looking for someone to mature our front-end presentation with great design and development practices, in both web and mobile.

Sample of Current Projects
• Smart Home App
• Property Management
• Revenue Management
• Online Applications and Lease Signing
• Website
• Programmatic Marketing
• Apartment Door Lock
• Resident App
• Resident Internet
• Submetering


To be successful, you should have both strong technical skills and be strongly aligned to our purpose and values.
Creating a better way to live
Building and leasing quality apartments

A great team is made up of great people. In our company these people exhibit 5 key values. These values are a way of life for everyone who works here. From our top-level managers to entry level employees these values are lived out every day.

• Tireless Pursuit of Results - Tireless pursuit of results means that you have an internal drive to continue to push forward no matter the obstacles. It means sometimes staying late to ensure a job gets done. It means pushing a little harder to ensure quality standards are met. It means pouring your heart into ensuring something gets done.
• Respectful - Being respectful means that customers and employees work well with you even in difficult situations. It's about being a good team player. It includes being fully and painfully honest about work related issues in a consistent way. It's recognizing that you are part of a team and sometimes you will win your point and sometimes you won't. It's about building a professional friendship.
• Can-do Attitude - Can do attitude is about believing in yourself and your team to get the job done. There is a delicate balance between having optimism for the future and being realistic about your goals. A person with a can-do attitude is realistically optimistic and positive about what can and will be done.
• Grow or Die - Grow or Die means to have a spirit dedicated to consistently getting better at your job. Finding ways, even small ways, of producing a higher quality or efficiency. Having a drive to learn more about your field from a variety of resources. Exhibiting the will to never give up on improving yourself.
• Reliable - The heart of reliability means to deliver on your promises. These promises include being on time every day. It means consistently delivering on the goals and milestones set for you. It means having a system to not forget any, even small, aspects of your job.

Required Skills
• Speak and comprehend English fluently
• UI Design
• Node JS
• GraphQL

Preferred Skills
• AWS Serverless
• Java or Golang
• Typescript