Senior Smart Contract Engineer (Rust, Solana)

Task details
Posted on Jun 7th, 2021
Accepting applications
365 days
$160000.00 (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Smart Contract Development

Hedgehog Markets

We are hiring a senior smart-contract engineer who is comfortable with Rust and experienced in building on Solana. This position is full-time and remote, with no preference in location. $100-$160K base salary; compensation, bonus, and upside will be discussed on a per-candidate basis.

About Hedgehog Markets

Hedgehog Markets is the first prediction market platform on Solana. Hedgehog’s vision to offer the most user-centric prediction market platform permeates all aspects of our development. We chose to build Hedgehog on Solana because of its speed and low network fees. We believe that this provides a strong foundation for our entire user experience. The Hedgehog team is a collective of DeFi power users who obsess over experience and who also believe it’s time for prediction markets to shine — especially prediction markets with more liquidity, more intuitive UX, and more interesting and ubiquitous markets. We are also working on new primitives and market types that are made possible by the speed and low fees made possible by Solana's. Hedgehog Markets is currently live on Solana Devnet at hedgehog markets.

Role and Responsibilities

You will work closely with Hedgehog Markets' founder to help architect and implement the mainnet product on Solana. You will also work closely with a team of talented and experienced engineers.

As an ideal candidate, you have previously worked on open-source production-grade software, with particular experience in building smart contracts on Solana’s blockchain. You are excited about decentralized environments and are eager to contribute substantially to implementation. You also have experience building and launching a product from scratch and understand the complexities of a production-grade consumer product.

You will be joining an ambitious team with deep expertise in blockchain protocols, security, and cryptography. There will be a steep learning curve, and we expect you to stay up-to-date with technological developments. You will also be encouraged to apply your ideas to product designs.

What you will do

Write state-of-the-art smart contracts on Solana.

Ensure that dapps are tested thoroughly via e2e tests

Work in close collaboration with the team on product architecture and design

Develop new strategies for users to interact with the platform

What you bring

Senior-level smart contract development experience

Familiarity with databases and full-stack frameworks

Expertise in Rust, Solana, and smart contract design on the Solana blockchain

Strong desire to build decentralized and open-source software

Passion for learning new technology and tackling novel technical problems

Excellent English communication skills

“Nice to have”

General knowledge of DeFi protocols

Experience using DeFi products (Uniswap, Compound, etc.)

Existing contributions to open-source software products

Higher degrees in Computer Science or equivalent

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