REMOTE: Create video courses: Blockchain/Smart Contracts/dApps/DeFi/NFTs/Metaverses/Play2Earn

Task details
Posted on Mar 22nd, 2022
Accepting applications
$50.00 per month (Negotiable)
Part Time
Skills Required
  • Knowledge Representation
  • AR/VR Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Emerging Tech
  • Game Development
  • Mobile Game Development
  • Crypto Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Solidity Development
  • Software Dev, Data & Web - Other




We are looking for freelancers with good skills in one or more of the following areas:

Blockchain/Crypto/Smart Contracts/dApps/DeFi/NFTs/Metaverses/Play2Earn, etc.


Both developers and non-developers welcome. Creatives/Artists also welcome.

Strong knowledge about one or more of these areas so that you can write EXCELLENT introduction pieces, also welcome.


We are especially interested in strong skills/knowledge in the following areas:

NFTs/Metaverses/Play2Earn. Candidates with these skills will get preference.


The job:

to create video based courses for us. In other words, you record your lessons on your computer (via free opensource recording software), and we will show you how to do this.

Example: if you have strong knowledge and skills in Metaverses, then you can create a course that will teach students all about this new upcoming technology. You decide how you want to teach/present the video lessons. We will discuss all the details with you.

You dont need to show your face, just your voice and your pc application background is good enough. The students will watch these courses as video lessons.

Pretend you're a teacher or lecturer standing in front of students, and you're teaching them about the subject. But in this case, you are teaching via your pc/laptop, you will RECORD your lessons, and then these lessons will form the full course, when put together.



ONLY based on course sales. We split the course revenue from sales 50/50 with you.

Course sales not guaranteed, unless the course topic is in high demand, and competition is low to medium, then course sales is pretty much guaranteed every month. For this specific job post, the course topics are in very high demand right now and will become extremely high demand soon enough(2022). Therefore we expect a lot of sales.



You're a freelancer, and you are welcome to leave this freelance opportunity at anytime you want.

Your course(s) should continue to bring you passive inc0me, for many years(depending on course sales). You can return at any time to create more courses for us, to increase your passive inc0me from course sales. You will continue to receive income from any sales for your courses, regardless. This means, you could be getting passive inc0me from us for your monthly course sales, for years to come, even when you're not working for us anymore.


Legal Agreement:

A contract between us and you is available. Regardless, you will automatically have a solid legal agreement between you and the top course platform that we use, and depending on course sales, you will receive automatic payments, legally guaranteed(as long as course sales happen).


Fluent English is mandatory:

You also need to be able to speak clearly, because you will record video lessons. No need to show your face, unless the course topic and your teaching style requires for a white board to be used during recording of lessons.


IF necessary, we will show you how to do everything. (not difficult).


Top requirement for this freelance opportunity:

You need to have at least one skill that you are an expert in. (from above list)


In your application, please state your top skill(s).







We are an online course business. We create top quality courses in a wide range of topics/subjects to help improve people's careers & lives.

We use one of the top online course marketplaces to publish our courses. We currently have over 160 000+ students globally enrolled in our courses.

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