LTC Invoice solo link site

Task details
Posted on srp. 17., 2022
Accepting applications
$500.00 per project (Negotiable)
One Time
Skills Required
  • Accounting
  • Full Stack Development
  • UX/UI Design
  • Crypto Development

Hello! I am hiring a freelancer for my super simple project. I am looking to custom create a personal LTC top up and pay invoice solo link site.

Materials / Skills needed:

Internally code / view is invisible:

1x Legally lowest real-time price LTC deposit and withdrawal address with automatic function

Internally code / view is invisible: 

1x   Legal regular real-time USD fiat deposit and withdrawal address with automatic function

External coding / view is visible to user:

1x Regular real-time price LTC micro holding wallet.  And Coin volume display will be visible only.

Also micro holding wallet can:

Accept external incoming coins; Deposits with one confirmation 

Hold coins 

Send coins externally

Free transfers to invoice topup

No fee exchanging / Transfers

High priority no fee external sending


1× User sign for me Only

1x Light Content Writing

About & Contact should be on one      page w/ contact fillout form

1x Private Hosting

1x Domain:

1x Copyrights

1x Simplistic light neat design: purple and white colors w/ LTC icons in purple

1x Homepage is a nice splash page that has a sign in / about & contact us copyrights seal.

How to use:

Create a droplist for regular external withdrawal and withdrawal for to up to the lowest LTCs internal coded deposit address on the external sending box of ltc invoice. Then withdrawa and send coins for topup to the invoice. Lastly receive coins from USD fiat withdrawal address ( USD fiat convert to LTCs)  into the micro holding LTCs wallet.

How does it work:

LTC from the holding wallet topups into the internally coded Legally lower price ltc deposit address that converts into USD fiat. USD fiat then converts into Litecoins and topup int  the regular price ltc micro holding wallet for coin volume display and regular wallet use. 

P.S. LTC volume should increase from it original amt.

4 pages website maximum.

Offered cost: $500 in total 


Send quote and days

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