Defi Analyst

Task details
Posted on Jan 4th, 2022
Accepting applications
5 days
$5000.00 per month
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Data Analytics

Key Responsibilities


Conduct research for trending topics in the cryptocurrency industry, especially on DeFi

Perform data analysis, visualization and econometric studies

Familiar with using smart contract analysis tools

Compile reports and articles for both internal use and external publication


Skills and Qualifications


Intense interest, extensive network and deep technical understanding of Decentralised finance – knowledge of existing successful DeFi protocols and a vision for the direction of DeFi development

Knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of governance token launches

Innate ability to interpret data and trends in order to anticipate potential risks and essentially contribute to the project’s growth

Ability to source opportunities and create research briefings quickly and effectively by analysing opportunities throughout the crypto ecosystem

Smart contract programming languages, particularly, Solidity and Python


Experience/Capability required


Trading Finance

Quantitative analysis

Blockchain analysis

Familiar with Ethereum system

Data-driven analysis




Business Intelligence

Lateral and Independent thinking

Ownership and Responsibility

Collaborative working

Analytical thinking

Attention to detail

Identifying and interpreting patterns and trends