Crypto Research & Product Analyst

Task details
Posted on sij. 2., 2022
Accepting applications
$10.00 per hour (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Business Analysis
  • Financial Analysis & Modeling

Please use the following link to apply for this position:

Come work for a fast-growing company within the blockchain space. Not only will you be a crucial part of our small but mighty team you are going to learn a lot about the blockchain space. Blockchain is quickly becoming a powerhouse for investors and you will have the opportunity to learn from the professionals and be able to work for a leading company in the space. Our CEO has been an investor for over 20 years and has invested in real estate, startups, and digital assets. We expect all our team members to be passionate about their work and the company they work for, comfortable with strict deadlines, and be able to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

This is a contracted based position, Hours can vary depending on the amount of guests we have on the show.

For more information on our companies please visit the links below:


  • Conduct research on themes/narratives in crypto
  • Conduct research on a subset of major crypto projects within a theme and do a competitive analysis
  • Research/Analyze the qualitative and quantitative points on the projects that appear to be leaders in the theme
  • Create reports on the leaders for the company to publish and use for investors
  • Construct a positive-selection portfolio for the company and help make dynamic investment decisions.
  • Monthly portfolio reviews and quarterly reports on managed positions.
  • Trial many different protocols to be well versed in the different themes.
  • Building financial models but not required


  • Owns crypto and has used many different protocols
  • Analytical skills to understand the market and make crucial investment decisions.
  • Ability to handle pressure and make crucial decisions in stressful environments.
  • Strong mathematical skills to construct a positive-selection investment portfolio with sustained profitable returns.
  • Strong technical skills of the crypto industry to understand and analyze top crypto projects.
  • Have knowledge of analytical tools (including but not limited to data analytics and visualization) and the ability to use them to guide crucial investment decisions.
  • Analytical mindset and ability to observe and analyze prevailing trends and sentiments.
  • Ability to filter through the noise and use fundamental on-chain data to help make investment decisions.
  • Strong ability to work independently.
  • Have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

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