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Posted on ruj. 10., 2021
Accepting applications
$20.00 per hour
Part Time
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  • Content Strategy

WLDM is a smart, lean, remote league of e-commerce marketers who partner with the best in the industry. We believe that numbers speak louder than words, and use our streetwise style of business intelligence to cut through the bullshit, growing your ROI while you sleep at night. We are thought leaders not blog readers, and partner with fellow pioneers who make their own rules in the digital game.

At WLDM, we are thought leaders not blog readers. We partner with fellow pioneers who make their own rules in the digital game.

Our philosophy is grounded in:

Data – We believe numbers speak louder than words

Intuition – We  see opportunities others don’t

Sophistication – We create intelligent advertising

Opportunism – We work smart, not hard (and want you to, too)

We are a fast-growing, fun remote SEO company and we’re working with numerous clients from various industries worldwide. At this moment we are looking for our next:


(Work from home)

If you love the new storytelling trend in content marketing and have your way with words, you are the right person that we are looking for. If you're familiar with SEO, that's a big plus from our side as we believe that SEO and creative writing are two sides of the same coin!


Write topics for social media, websites, studies etc. by the defined deadline.

The topics you can write about vary from health, lifestyle, fashion, food, cocktails to travel, home security, IT, etc.

Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images and tone).


Our ideal candidate uses Slack, Asana, and Google Drive (or is willing to learn). 

Proficient English skills are essential.

Comfortable working to defined deadlines.

What we offer:

Excellent working remote environment (Freelance, Part Time, Full Time)

We are looking to create a long-lasting relationship, but if you're not able to commit right away, we'll accept even short-term collaborations!

Opportunities to grow within the company. (Our primary focus is to get the job done right, and in return, we’ll be here to support you in your role and help you grow!)

Our rate for 1,000 words is up to 25 USD.


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