Blockchain Tech Lead (Full-time Remote)

Task details
Posted on stu. 5., 2021
Accepting applications
$4500.00 per month (Negotiable)
Full Time
Skills Required
  • Blockchain Development

Overview of work and responsibilities
Sipher is looking for 01 Techlead with blockchain experience, strengths and desire to work on designing and building financial products from scratch or based on the open source community.

- Lead engineer team to build products for traders, market makers and dev community.
- Research, explore, discuss, debate, come up with common development ideas and work with the team on those ideas.
- Influence to improve and improve engineer team to build systems and products that are highly reusable and able to adapt to change extremely quickly.
- Work directly with the foreign team to get insight from users and necessary feedback from the community.
Minimum skills and experience
- Having more than 5 years of experience in project development in the role of Lead, experience in designing web backend systems and APIs, having built a system in all components and go production.
- 2+ years of experience in coding Golang
- Have logical thinking, good algorithms, good algorithmic data structure
- Have 4 or more good and good English skills
- Code clean & clear (clean, clear, easy to read)
- Have creative thinking when researching solutions to solve problems, think-out-of-the-box
- Possessing the working spirit of a startup: proactive, hard-working, self-responsible at work, having a problem-solver mindset
- Have good teamwork skills, support colleagues with / different teams.
Experience and skills preferred
- Priority is given to candidates who have experience working with Ethereum blockchain, Smart Contract or working with 3rd party APIs of Ethereum (e.g. Etherscan, Ethplorer, Thegrapth, Coingecko...)
- Priority is given to students who specialize in computer science, or have participated in / won a competitive program in the country, region or internationally.


- Full insurance
- Only hiring someone who has experience in building games for Riot / Tencent / Korean Studios process will be better than deving some Hypercasual games in Vietnam
- Need to build Server game, Multiplayer, Hacking, and singleplayer do not understand
- Regarding bonuses, I will orient to Cash, Leaders have % salary paid in Token, vesting according to Team Vesting Schedule
Why should candidates work here?
- You will be involved in the development of a brand new product from scratch together with a talented team
- You are entrusted with great responsibilities from Day 1.
- You will work directly with a team of experienced founders in the field of startups and finance / fundraising
- We offer an exciting opportunity to work in the cutting edge of Blockchain Game
Interview process
Interview with Founder > Interview with Founder and Advisor 

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