BIP39 Mnemonics to bitcoin address on GPU

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Posted on lip. 10., 2024
7 days
$2000.00 per project
One Time
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I need a GPU (Cuda or OpenCL) based program that takes a text file with a list of mnemonics and converts them to a bitcoin address and checks for a match against a database.txt file with some addresses. Here is a list of the following paths:

m/44'/0'/0'/0/0  m/49'/0'/0'/0/0  m/84'/0'/0'/0/0  

Here are address samples for these derivation paths:

1BbgZGZHPFu9VeVWEtouJoZ2i2Me6Gx3d8  38SKMhGnKqBS7WLFCun4dZUsdGG9rAGEeW  bc1qcdd25s8f4szwt3nyjpz30j7s0xrfsfmtvxdf9p   

The script needs to go through a text file with a list of mnemonics passphrase words per line, derive the bitcoin address and save the addresses to a text file output. If the program can compare the generated mnemonic addresses with the database.txt file, that would be great. The main goal I have is to have the program perform all address derivation calculation on my windows 11 pro desktop GPU which is Nvidia RTX 4090. If it can also compare the results against the database.txt file with gpu resources that would be splendid.

Keep in mind my mnemonics.txt file might contain lines of 12 words mnemonics (standard bip39 passphrase), 15 words mnemonics, 21 words mnemonics, 24 words mnemonics, or even any alphanumeric strings (non-standard or custom bip39 seeds). No matter what it contains in, it must be able to generate valid bip39 bitcoin addresses for each given input value per line of the text file. I am trying to recover four of my lost wallets. I have a copy of one of the wallets from year 2015 but have no idea what the password is. Here is am image of it. It's better I try to recover it from original seed used. I had created them with electrum wallet, but had selected the bip39 option. With electrum I went to standard wallet // I already have a seed // "DID23WeTry69WhenLove?$$HowCome" // Options // BIP39 seed // legacy p2pkh (I honestly don't know the derivation path. This is just an example) // 1BbgZGZHPFu9VeVWEtouJoZ2i2Me6Gx3d8. So I need the script to follow this method. This is just am example and it needs to be applied to all the derivation paths mentioned above. For more examples of mnemonic seeds and the correct addresses they generate with the above derivation paths look at this txt file link:

This is a sample of the method I used to create my wallets. I decided to include this and a sample txt file link to help certify your program is generating the right results. Https://www.*********. I have a somewhat idea of what the alphanumeric string compromised of, but I don't know for certain. That is why I need this program. 

I do not know for certain if I had selected the first child deposit address or if the address used was any of the 1 - 20 deposit address or if it is in any of the 1-10 change address. So I desperately need option to select range of deposit and change address. Like if I want just the first two (2) deposit address and first four (4) change address. Or maybe the first twenty (20) deposit addresses and the first 10 (ten) change addresses. 

There are existing GitHub programs that are supposed to perform the above desired functionally, but I cannot seem to have them run on my windows desktop, either because the existing GitHub repository is a bit outdated or it doesn't allow me to provide my own my own mnemonics.txt file

For instance, these below GitHub repository's provide programs that perform the bip39 mnemonic to bitcoin address generation on the GPU:

I also have a python program that utilizes OpenCL to generate bitcoin addresses from mnemonics.txt file but it does not save to txt file. It seems to work on GPU but does not save result.

Nonetheless I could not get none of these to work on my windows 11 desktop with Nvidia RTX 4090, nor do they give me option to feed my own txt file of mnemonics.txt

So please, only place bid if you can deliver the main goals I mentioned in the post. If you have an existing working program with somewhat similar functions, that would be okay. This job has timeline of ONLY 5 days, if you fail to deliver by then I will cancel and request refund. You must be willing to refund if you fail to deliver by then. I have lost time and over $1,900 working with some Indian people that could not deliver the desired result. They scammed me. Please only bid after you have read my post carefully, and are certain you can deliver. Thank you for reading. Have a splendid day.

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