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O meni

I had started working at a very young age, which resulted in me being very capable and easy to fit in to any work environment. At my first job in Old Town hostel, I started as a receptionist, and ended up being a general manager as I proved myself responsible and able. I like to consider every new job a challenge that needs to be creative on a high level and strategically done. That was the case with the last project I worked on: Vitastiq. The pocket sized and app based Vitastiq is a start-up which began with a small team I was a part of focusing first on creative thinking and content creation to later logistics and execution. It has risen to be the most successful Croatian start-up. Working on this project has made me capable of both working from the bottom up on a project, but also of target group communication and review. I feel my education in philosophy and anthropology has made my social communication stand out, and easier for me to notice the needs of my informant when doing research, or in work, my clients way of thinking and needs. Also, anthropologists are trained to reach a deeper insight into client's needs that purely statistical data can often overlook.

Povijest poslova

Junior Community Manager Dialog komunikacije March 2016 – Present (2 months)Zagreb, Croatia ----- Communications Assistant Vitastiq Inc. December 2014 – Present (1 year 5 months)Zagreb, Croatia Doing media targeting research for a start-up project including proofing and translating press releases and articles. Pitching tech and lifestyle media, also developing social content for Twitter and Facebook. ----- General Manager Old Town Hostel 2010 – October 2015 (5 years)Zadar, Croatia Increasing company’s scope of work by expending a digital networking, also recruiting, selecting and training other employees.Supply and crisis management. Communicating values and strategies being a community manager who developed a social media activities for every season. Building Old Town’s image through blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other strategically relevant online platforms. Creating content by writing articles and communications materials. Product promotion ----- Rora Natura 2012 – 2013 (1 year)Zadar, Croatia Distributing executive messages, preparing presentations and branding strategies for the client’s use. Served as the client’s spokesperson to the pharmacy industry and the general public.