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Designer / UI Developer

  • Upravljanje web projektima
  • Online & IT - ostalo
  • Programiranje i razvoj web aplikacija
  • Grafički dizajn
  • Web dizajn i dizajn korisničkih sučelja
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O meni

Every story has a humble beginning, and mine’s no different.

Like any other web designer, I started my career the same way – working „pro bono“ just to build up my portfolio, get some experience, and get noticed. Learning HTML, CSS, jQuery/Javascript through it, was clearly inevitable.

I must’ve been doing something right, because soon enough I was involved in big projects, involving big names – Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Microsoft, Bayer, Pliva, Vip, Nova TV and the list goes on…

It took me nearly a decade to get to where I am now, motivated solely by my love for this work. It will take me even more time, to widen my knowledge, to be perfect. But then again, there is no such thing as perfection.

You live, you learn.